Makena Rezoning Myths & Facts

Makena Rezoning Myths & Facts (2007)
Myth: Approval of luxury Makena units guarantees jobs.

Fact: Makena Resort has zoning approvals for hundreds of housing units. It’s approved Maluaka project promised 1,500 construction jobs. Rezoning is not about jobs, it’s about higher density for bigger developer profits.

Myth: Makena Resort development will not impact oceans, reefs, or native species.

Fact: Makena owners hire their own consultants who report there are no problems. Citizens see dying reefs and federal regulators call Makena waters “impaired’. Is massive development the solution?

Myth: Makena Resort will be LEED certified, a model for green building.

Fact: Developers can choose what “Green” conditions to meet and ignore others. LEEDS allows destruction of cultural sites, disturbing burials and changing the land beyond recognition to maximize units per acre.

Myth: Makena Resort will “take care” of Makena beach parks.

Fact: Newly proposed rezoning conditions allow the Resort to cut 20 beach-parking places promised earlier. Resort consultants will be in charge of” planning” Makena State Park. Who looks out for the public’s interest

Myth: Makena Resort is owed water from ‘Iao aquifer agreement of 1970’s

Fact: The agreement expired in 1990’s and was not renewed. Makena Resort was paid back for its investment in public infrastructure. Makena Resort’s public water source will likely be 1 mgd of central Maui water.

Myth: Makena Resort has taken good care of the 100’s of cultural resources on their land.

Fact: After 34 years and over 20 studies, Makena Resort does not even have a complete inventory of its archaeological sites. Hundreds of acres of Makena Resort lands were briefly surveyed in the 1970’s and never researched again. A heiau site first discovered in 1929 was overlooked by 5 Makena Resort surveys spanning 30 years. Preserved sites are overgrown, neglected and uncared for.