Makena Past and Future


In the not to distant past , the road to One Loa (Big Beach) was dirt and the shoreline had only a few houses, mostly belonging to families who had lived there for generations.

Over 1,000 Hawaiian cultural sites have been discovered in the 1800 acres, which has been purchased by developers. Will Maui’s heritage be served by destroying all but a few of these sites? They’ve only identified 16. See Map of 16 Cultural Sites to be preserved.

We support a planning strategy that protects the remaining wild open space in the Makena area and preserves scarce water, roadways and beaches for existing residents and visitors.

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Read more about the Makena “entitlement” history

Makena Resort investors want to transform this wild coast to a private, gated development for multimillionaires – even though Maui does not have adequate water for his development. Check out his vision of what he wants in his NY Times Real Estate Piece . His photo does not reflect the 1000+ units he intends to build. After you look at his (really, really scaled down) mockup, click here to see what the area looks like now.

Everett Dowling gave a presentation to the Makena Community Association on June 7 regarding his proposed Makena Resort Development. You can request the Akaku program on the meeting yourself by going to and clicking the channel 54 logo. Click “schedule a show” and enter “7263” in the title number and “Makena Cmty. Assn. Meeting 6-7-07 in the “keywords” window. Pick a day and time and you are done.