Makena – Just a Memory?

Save Makena is dedicated to preserving the wild open spaces, beaches, reefs, Hawaiian cultural sites and native dryland forest in the Makena/Honua`ula area for future generations. Through the process of informing concerned citizens of the potential impacts of proposed large-scale developments and ways to take action, Save Makena will mobilize the community to help guide the ultimate fate of this area.

In the not-too-distant past, a dirt road led to Makena Big Beach (Oneloa) and the shoreline had only a few houses, mostly belonging to families who had lived there for generations. Over the past two decades, the same coastline has become increasingly built up with luxury homes and multi-million dollar condos, obstructing views and limiting shoreline access.

The areas of concern includes the 670 acres of the proposed Wailea 670/”Honua¹ula” project, where offshore investors want to build 1400 units, a golf course, shopping center and sewage treatment plant, sprawling from Maui Meadows to Makena. Also faced with impending changes are 1800 acres of Makena resort, encompassing the open space region surrounding the Maui Prince Hotel, and land mauka of Makena State Park.


These areas contain Hawaiian cultural sites, rare habitats (kipuka) of quickly disappearing indigenous plants, and wild, open space views that inspire the soul.

The value of the Makena region is immeasurable, as it represents Maui¹s natural beauty, culture, charm, and quality of life for local people and visitors alike. The future of this treasured, historic region will soon be debated by our County’s decision makers. It is vital that Maui’s community help direct these discussions to arrive at outcomes which will not compromise our children’s ability to experience the natural beauty and resources which exist today at Makena/ Honua`ula.

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